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el links de las crestas es asi: sin el amp;mode=1

Hola eh visto a mucha gente que set crea clan/ally y no ... que elegir la crest correspondiene para cada tipo (clan: 16x12 pixeles, ally: 8x12 pixeles, total: 24x12 ...

There should be a category for clan/ally crest for lineage clan crest 16x12 pix ally crest 8x12 pix clan+ally 24x12 pix

Here is a quick reference guide to adding a clan crest and some basic clan/ally commands Clan Crest 1. A clan leader of a level ...


Until that time though - How do i delete my current ally crest? Thank you.. ... Lineage 2 Lover!!

Wan Soft wrote a note titled L2 Crest Maker - Crea tus crests para ally y clan a partir de una imagen ! Read the full text here.

Play online right now [ Two kingdoms - waged in a bitter war against each ... 2012-06-13 1:54 PM: L][neage Clan/Ally Crest

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